DWTS Season 12 Finals – Mark Ballas: “A magician never reveals his tricks!”

Mark has written a new blog at USA Today! He has been sick this week, but, it hasn’t stopped them from rehearsing. A lot of people have asked him about he and Chelsea’s Freestyle. He says he is known for his “creative and off-the-wall choreography”. He also calls himself a “magician” and that he will “never reveal his tricks”. Details below and at the link. He also has a special wish for his birthday (which happens to be Tuesday). Picture above is a picture Chelsea took during camera blocking yesterday of the Mirror Balls.

While this week was not as hectic as last week since we have one less dance to learn, it’s still been a long week. We’ll be on stage in less than a day, but every second counts. We have three dances to nail down and make performance-ready. Of course, the scrutiny of both the judges and the fans will be at its highest of the season, so we need to have our best dances of the season.

A lot of people have been asking me what’s in store for our Freestyle Dance. I’m known for my creative and off-the-wall choreography, and I think my partners and I have done some pretty fun freestyles in the past. You want some inside info on our freestyle? Too bad! A magician never reveals his tricks! You’ll have to tune in on Monday with 25 million of your closest friends.

Immediately after the finale on Tuesday, Chelsea and I get on a plane with the other two couples, bound for New York City. We land at 5:30 in the morning and go straight to Good Morning America and then on to Live With Regis and Kelly. If this is anything like last season, there won’t be much rest on the plane. All three of the couples were so amped up on adrenaline from the exciting finish that we rolled into GMA with red eyes and morning breath, having gotten only an hour of sleep or so.