DWTS 12 Finals – Interview Roundup After The First Two Dances (Videos)

Wow, what a night!! Let’s get right to the interviews after the show. George Pennacchio of KTLA gets right to the heart of the matter and doesn’t fail us again. He dissects the dances (especially the freestyle) as well as asking our dancing couples about tonight’s dances where they each will dance again and the judges will then rank them. Let’s not forget this contest is not over.

First up, Chelsea remarks how the Freestyle was the most challenging dance of the Season and she is worried since they are the “underdogs”. They have no idea what will happen tonight. Mark says she was the best partner. She worked so hard. Chelsea also talks about the mistakes she made lastnight and that she was shocked to get 10’s in the Freestyle (so was I).

Hines said Kym had a vision with a band theme with their Freestyle. They even had an area highschool help them. Even though Kim’s neck hurt, they both felt comfortable with all the special lifts they did. Hines said this has been such a wonderful ride and he can’t believe he made it this far. They are excited to dance their favorite dance again tonight hoping to get their scores higher.

George thought Maks and Kirstie’s Freestyle was the “most daring” and “interesting” of the night. He loved it. Kirstie says she’s been daring her whole life and she wanted Maks to push her from the beginning. She wanted to do everything any dancer would do. They also discuss how they were hoping to get 10’s last night. But, they had fun. They talk how they have one more chance tonight to dance. Kirstie wants to start a revolution. Maks says Kirstie is a winner no matter what. Her story is remarkable. (they are so bittersweet)

Access Hollywood also interview our couples. Below is Mark and Chelsea again talking about the intensity of their lifts and the risk factor. They talk of how they worked the lights on their feet and hands.

Hines and Kym talk about all of their lifts and “ripping out the guns”. They talk of how close the competition is and how it will come down to the fans. They can’t wait to dance again tonight and this won’t be the end of their relationship. They talk of how they were inspired for the Freestyle.

Kirstie forewarned us last week that she was going to do some “aerials” and that’s just what she did. Her and Maks go through their rehearsals. Kirstie also mentions how wound up she gets whenever someone mentions “age” in the way Carrie Ann mentioned after their dance and she is right. Maks says Kirstie is “young and amazing”. He talks about their complete journey. Maks is so sweet. He says he can’t top this partnership. The question is asked if he is coming back next Season and he is not sure.

Stay tuned to this space. We may have more videos to add later!! 😉