DWTS 12 – Mark Ballas’ Blog Comes To A Close And Pia Toscano Speaks About Their Friendship

Mark has penned his last blog (and a deep one at that!) for the Season at USA Today. He writes of how much he will miss his new best friend Chelsea and shares some song lyrics that came to mind on the way back to Los Angeles on the red eye. He also talks of his plans for the summer, how music is his passion and what drives him, and hopes to see us again at his shows this summer and for Season 13. More below and at the link.

Let me assure you: We had the time of our lives. I’ve learned a lot from Chelsea and I truly cherish the time she and I spent competing this season. Even though we’ve come across a new turning point and we will take different forks in the road, she’s a lovely person and I’m blessed to consider her a close friend for life!

As the frenzy after the finale slows down, I now get to focus on my passion, which is my music. I had a lot of fun interviews when I was in New York with MTV, VH1, and a few others, and we’re gearing up to play some shows this summer. Those dates should be released soon on my website and social media sites, so please check for those if you want to catch me play live. One fun event I’m really looking forward to playing this summer is the Martin Owner’s Club Annual Event, held at the Martin Guitar Factory in Nazareth, Pa. It’s such an honor to be supported by the music icon that is Martin!

As I’ve said many times before, music is what drives me. Even when I dance, I consider my movement an extension of the music, with the musicality predicting what movements will occur. The biggest difference between the two, music and dance, is that dance requires you to color between the lines determined by the rules of the dance discipline and music allows you to do whatever you feel on a blank canvas.

It’s been a great ride, Team Kanenball. I greatly appreciate all the love and support (and birthday wishes!) that I received this week and all season long. The journey was memorable and the memories will last a lifetime. I hope to catch some of you this summer at one of my shows and also this fall for Season 13. Happy summer everyone!

Pia Toscano also spoke out about Mark being in the Finals on the show and their friendship at Radar On-line. She says they are dating their careers and nothing more. Below is a take. You can also hear her talk about it in some audio at the link as well.

“We’re very supportive of each other,” Pia gushed about Mark. “I’m so proud of him – that he made it to the finals – and I’m sure he’s very proud of me as well.

“Right now though we are both dating our careers. We’re so involved in what we do. It’s an important time for me to really ride this wave and work really hard, so I have to stay really focused.”

And when it comes to all those late night ‘I love you’ Tweets that fly between the two?

“He’s just really sweet – he loves a lot of people!” Pia insisted. “We’re just very close friends.”