DWTS 13 Cast Rumors – Has Dancing With The Stars Called Shaquille O’Neal To Dance?

Shaquille O’Neal is hanging up his basketball shoes and retiring. But, could Shaq be contemplating buying some dancing shoes in their place? He’s always been a natural born entertainer with several movies and TV series appearances under his belt. TV Guide lists Shaq on their Dancing With The Stars Wish List. They are calling him “Twinkletoes” (LOL!!!). Also, check out this take from My Plain View which says (or more like assumes?) the show has called him.

Shaq said he’s going to go away for a bit to heal his Achilles’ tendon (I am amazed no one has made a Hercules comparison yet), but hopefully he’ll return to us on TV. I would love to see him as an analyst à la Barkley, but I might actually watch him on a reality show even though I despise them. You know “Dancing With the Stars” has already made a call, but I’m not sure who he would dance with. Those girls are literally two feet shorter than him. I’d still watch, though. Every week. I might even vote.

Thanks to @DWTSGossip at twitter, this link shows Shaq dancing and the title of the video makes one go “hmmmm”.

Ok, I’m game if true, are you? But, who do you see this super tall guy partnered with? I would say Kim or Anna?

Heidi’s Note: I call this one wishful thinking on TV Guide’s part more than rumor. If he really has an Achilles issue, he would be INSANE to do DWTS this upcoming season. I had an achilles issue that took more than a year to heal. Couldn’t do my three mile walks, let alone dance.