Dance of the Day… Let’s compare Kelly and Drew

I’m taking an idea from the comments, and trying to figure this out as I go. I am going to be honest and say that I am deciding how these posts will go, as I make them, and will use ideas and dances you want to see again, when they fit the post.

For now, let’s compare the Champions of each season, using their FIRST dance, and their first impression on the show.

Season 1 Champion is KELLY MONACO, with her professional partner, ALEC MAZO. They danced a Waltz to “I Have Nothing” I Have Nothing - The Bodyguard (Original Soundtrack Album) by Whitney Houston.


Season 2 Champion is DREW LACHEY, with his professional partner, CHERYL BURKE. They danced a Cha-Cha, and I don’t have the song, so if you can place it, PLEASE tell us in the comments to the song “She Bangs” She Bangs (English Version) - Sound Loaded by Ricky Martin.


Let’s take a POLL! Which dance do you prefer, and why? Answer in the comments.