The On-Going Saga of The Bachelorette (Ashley Hebert) and DWTS – Rumor or Reality?

Yes, it is an on-going saga. First it was “rumored” she was in talks to sign up. Then it was supposedly confirmed. Well, now, a friend of hers is saying that she did the Bachelor in the first place in order to get a spot on DWTS. :::sigh::: I dunno, it seems to me that DWTS opened themselves up to people trying to establish themselves as “stars” (as if) in order to try to get on their show when they started taking reality faux stars. Ashley seems like a nice girl and all, but this, if true, is just ridiculous. “I want to be on DWTS because I can dance, but I’m not a star. They took other people from The Bachelor, so I’ll just go on there.” Oy veh.

On the other hand, it would be nice to see a higher level of dance than what we had last season. But still – Kirstie Alley = STAR. Ashley? Not so much. From Hollywood Life:

A close friend of Ashley’s tells exclusively that she didn’t think she’d make it that far on ‘The Bachelor’ — so she was going to use it to move on to ‘DWTS!’

Most people go on The Bachelor to find love. But Ashley Hebert — currently starring as The Bachelorette — thought she would give it a go to boost her chances of getting a spot on Dancing with the Stars!

“Going on Dancing with the Stars was one of her main reasons going on The Bachelor,” a source very close to Ashley tells exclusively! “Because of her dancing background,” Ashley thought she would have a shot.