Another DWTS Pro Branches Out….Lacey Schwimmer

I really think that if the Producers want to keep the Pros we still have, they need to figure out how to allow them time to grow and to grow, and expand, and to pursue their careers in directions other than simply Dancing With The Stars.

One by one, or more than one by one, we find the Pros branching out, and expanding, and going in more directions.

We know Julianne Hough…. She went into Country Music, released one album, and has another album completely finished, and ready for when she has time to devote to promote it the way it should be. Meanwhile, she had a (minor) part in Burlesque, is the lead Ariel in Footloose, which will be released in October, and is currently working on filming Rock of Ages, where she is playing the lead of Sherrie.

And, we know that Derek Hough also went into music, he and Mark had their band, Ballas Hough Band, which produced an album. Due to circumstances I don’t know and won’t talk about here, things didn’t seem to work out with the band. And, Derek focused on dance and choreography, and has been featured in (and choreographed) more than one music video or dance for TV, recently for his former gf, Cheryl Cole.
And, Derek was absent for Season 12, since he was preparing for, and filming, his feature film. He has the LEAD MALE ROLE of Donny in the Musical/Dance film Cobu 3D.

As I mentioned, Mark Ballas began the band, Ballas Hough Band with Derek, but the way things worked, Mark ended up focusing on his solo music career, and he is serious about it. His album is called HurtLoveBox, and is out NOW.

We have pros, like Tony, who have been in movies (some pretty recently, but i don’t have more information at this time). We have pros such as Maks and Cheryl who have opened studios. And Tony has joined Maks as a partner. We have several pros who have released exercise DVDs. We have professional choreographers who have choreographed Ballroom With A Twist, and SYTYCD, and shows on Vegas, and…. And, we have at least one author in the group!

Lacey Schwimmer is the latest one to add her name into the MUSICIAN bracket, her first single, Love Soundz, will be released on June 21 on iTunes, and was debuted on June 16th on Ryan Seacrests radio show.

While she wasn’t ON the show, he did talk about the conversation he had with her, which led me to make the further realization that Julianne (who happens to be friends with Lacey) will never be back…. Ryan asked his favorite question that he loves to ask those who visit his radio show from DWTS. I think he needs to trust his girlfriend.

The full text, and the audio of Lacey’s song, can be found here.

Here’s some of what she says…

    Lacey says “Singing has been her other musical passion since she was a kid and it’s ‘crazy’ that she is finally getting a chance to do both.”

    Now, more importantly were there any hook ups on “Dancing with The Stars” that Lacey could reveal to us? Lacey confirmed that there were a few secret liaisons that she knew about.

    “It’s hard not to get it on with all that bumpin’ n’ grindin’ 24/7″ Lacey explained, but didn’t say who “Because I don’t want to get in any trouble.”

Click the link above to listen to Lacey’s new song. Personally, I don’t care for it, and I am trying to keep an open mind about it, but I can’t. It feels very processed, and canned…. And, the song itself? My kids range in age from almost 7yo, to 20yo, and I don’t think I want my kids to listen to it. I know my oldest won’t listen to it, since he is into different music, but this is one song i WON’T be guiding my 17yo daughter toward. And as a person, I do like Lacey.