Dancing With The Stars 2011 Maksim Chmerkovskiy Updates On His New Dance Studios, Jewelry line, and More!

Maks released a new Blog Video at his You Tube Channel today! He announces he’s back at “Soho” currently. He’s excited about how “exciting” life is at the moment. It’s “fast” and it’s “interesting”. Maks is also excited about his dance studios….especially the new studio opening up in Los Angeles. They are looking at other cities for studio locations too (please scope out DENVER too, Maks and Tony!). Maks also talks of how glad he is that The Bachelor is over and he boldy states he never plans to be a Bachelor on TV ever again. He then thanks all the fans for following and supporting him. He also thanks those who are “not” supporting him because you push and motivate him. Finally, Maks mentions his jewelry line will finally be released to Amazon.com, Endless.com, and a “big retail giant” (which he doesn’t mention which one it is yet) by the end of this week. Great video! Check it out! I’ve never seen him more happy, and excited about life!

Heidi’s Note: It appears Maks deleted the video – someone let me know when he puts it back up and I’ll re-insert it. Maybe his “haters” were attacking him. LOL

Vogue back and here ya go. I hope it’s not deleted again;

Adding; Maks also talked to Access Hollywwod about his dance studios today including the new studio planned for Los Angeles. He also reveals why he loves dancing so much and why he loves promoting it.

“I love dancing. I love what it does and I love promoting it,” states Maks.

What dancing does is shape shift many a body into a toned body of work. Need proof? Just check out Kirstie Alley or other “DWTS” slim-down alum Kelly Osbourne.

“Dancing is a great workout because it requires you to use every inch of your body. Its high intensity and the dynamic rhythmical changes elevate your heart and burns calories faster than regular cardio,” states “DWTS” troupe member, Ted Volynets, who also trains at Dance With Me studio. “The fact that dancing is a FULL body workout results in it sculpting your entire body. You are losing weight and toning up simultaneously. Your core muscles are engaged the entire time, holding your posture strengthens your back, and your legs are always active.”

Yet, for those who feel darn right silly getting on the dance floor, Ted has this advice – “It’s cliche but it’s true: ‘Dance like no one is watching.’ As with anything else in life, if you are caught up with what other people are thinking, you are missing the moment and opportunity to better yourself!”