Season 11 3rd Place Winner Bristol Palin Writes About Dancing With The Stars In New Memoir

….and I have to say some of her words are not VERY NICE!!! What’s more, she sounds ungrateful and conceited (Heidi: and insecure, projecting and hypocritical). I will let the below quotes speak for themselves and you see if you agree? I feel more disgusted with Bristol right now more than I ever did when Bristol was on the Dancing With The Stars. I bet producers are wishing they never asked her to dance.

Below is a take from ABC (which these words were also discussed in the video below in more depth).

Palin also shares not-so-fond memories of her 2010 stint on “Dancing With the Stars,” where she and her professional partner, Mark Ballas, finished in third place.

“I noticed some of the contestants rolled their eyes when they realized we’d survived to dance another day,” she writes, adding that some of the contenders voted off “literally would not speak to us or acknowledge our presence.”

Below is an excerpt from the book provided by ABC. Bristol writes…

After Dancing with the Stars, I knew more about “body makeup,” paso doble, and David Hasselhoff than I ever wanted to know. I left with great friends, newfound confidence, and a hefty check that I used to invest in real estate to help secure my future with Tripp.

But none of it was “real.” Though emotions sometimes got carried away, they were the kind of emotions that spring from unusually cool circumstances, glimmery disco balls, and lots of television cameras. The producers made some pretty poignant “backstory” segments to add emotional interest while the contestants rehearsed. That’s where viewers learned that Kyle Massey’s family was just about to move back to Georgia when he finally got work on That’s So Raven, about Jennifer Grey’s automobile accident, and about Florence Henderson’s grief over her husband’s death. Though the segments were sleekly produced tearjerkers, they at least hinted at the “reality” that this “reality television show” had taken us away from. The backstories, were, of course, the real stories.

When the show was over, we all faded back into life and Dancing with the Stars became just a chapter in our lives. (In my case, quite literally!) I was happy to return to my normal life, to help forge a new “backstory” for myself into something better than being a “teen mom” or “teen activist.” After all, I’m twenty years old now!

I relaxed in Arizona, where I had just purchased my new home with my earnings from Dancing with the Stars, after the show before I returned to Alaska for Christmas. I was thankful to get back to a simpler life—the kind that consisted of just Tripp and me and snowmachines and absolutely no spinning around in heels and sequins.

One of the cool things about my “backstory life” is that sometimes I get wonderful opportunities to have eye-opening adventures. Dancing with the Stars was one of those experiences,….

And here’s a video from ABC.

So, who plans to buy Bristol’s book? I sure won’t be!! Also, more than anything, I think it’s sad too that Bristol would write a book scathing her own son’s father. Is she not only thinking of herself or what? She writes of the McCain greed, but, what about her own? Lastly, what kind of people would encourage her to write a book like this?

(Heidi: What an utter ___. So, the McCains are greedy, but I don’t see them working on reality show number 2, writing a book at age 20 for a huge upfront fee, or speaking about abstinence for hefty fees. Typical Palin – so totally lacking in self awareness that the hypocrisy and irony is completely missed. And yes, Vogue, I was appalled at what she had to say about Levi – the kid is also an idiot, but he is your child’s FATHER and perhaps it would be good to think about that before putting nastiness in print for the whole world to see – for money, ironicially.)