Courtney Cox, Elle Macpherson, Tina Fey, Cheryl Cole, Vince Vaughn, Rob Lowe To Dance On Dancing With The Stars?

A site called The Telewatcher is reporting on a slew of new celebrity contenders for the next Seasons of Dancing With The Stars. They are making it almost sound like this is factual, but, I have a feeling, this is just a lot of dreaming and guessing (Heidi, do you agree?) (Heidi: I hear hallucinogens are good. But seriously – someone is just trying to get hits.). I’d say take this news with a grain of salt not that I wouldn’t love these people to dance on the show (well, with an exception to Cheryl Cole). What do you think?

Courtney Cox is hot on Cougar town. Now she will be dancing with the stars as well! I love friends!!!

Elle Macpherson is best known as a super model but is also an actress and entrepreneur. Elle also hosts the Britain version of Next Top Model. Guess she can now add something else to her huge list of accomplishments.

Tina Fey from SNL and 30 rock will be gracing us with her skills on the dance floor this 2012. Hope she is as good at dancing as she is at making me laugh.

Cheryl Ann Cole is an English songwriter, dancer, model, singer, etc… She is the ‘bees knees’ from what I gather.

Vince Vaughn is so cute and is a great actor. I am excited to see him move more than his lips.

Rob Lowe can look confident smiling. But can he look confident smiling and dance at the same time? We will see. I have problems chewing gum and walking. I can’t imagine the pressure on these celebs.

Heidi’s Note: Kids, drugs are bad. Very, very bad. 🙂