Dance of the Day…. Let’s compare Brooke and Shawn!

I want to apologize, I’m getting this off and posted much later than I meant to. I am finding it a LOT more difficult to sit down and do stuff I want to do, now that the kids are on Summer Vacation. I’ve got a bunch, at several different levels, and this past week was their last week, and unfortunately, my most hectic. I was hoping them NOT having school would mean I could have more time for here, but it’s starting to look less likely.

And when I am looking for videos for this feature, I search for what I’m looking for, and in the list, I do look for one specific user name, and will choose that one first. If I don’t see that one specific person, I will choose the one with the most time listed.

We’re already at the halfway point of our journey, to compare our 12 DWTS Champions on their very first week of competition, in their respective Seasons. We’ve seen Kelly and Alec VS Drew and Cheryl, and Emmitt and Cheryl VS Apolo and Julianne, and Helio and Julianne VS Kristi and Mark. If you’ve not watched and voted for your favorites for the first half of our Champions, click, watch, and vote!

Now, we’re up to Season 7 VS Season 8!

Our Season 7 Champ is Brooke Burke, with her professional partner, Derek Hough. Brooke eventually returned to the ballroom, in Season 10, replacing DWTS hostess and foil for Tom, Samantha Harris.

Our Season 8 Champ is Shawn Johnson, with her professional partner, Mark Ballas. Shawn was our youngest competitor ever on the show, being all of 17 years old when she competed. And, she was fresh from the Olympics! She and Gilles Marini battled it out as the Final 2, and at the winners announcement, he said that they had the smallest difference ever, between the top 2.

Which one do you prefer, Brooke or Shawn?