Deadliest Catch Sig Hansen To Dance on Dancing With The Stars 14?

Can you believe we already have a new rumor for Dancing With The Stars Season 14? Reality Blurred via a transcript from is reporting “Deadliest Catch” star, Sig Hansen, is to participate on Dancing with the Stars next Spring 2012. Below is a quote from the link;

Deadliest Catch star and Northwestern captain Sig Hansen said he’ll participate in Dancing with the Stars next spring.

The St. Pete Times’ Eric Deggans reports that “the possibility Hansen might fulfill his longtime dream of competing on Dancing With the Stars in March 2012” is “the kind of success they could scarcely have predicted when [executive producer Thom] Beers first suggested putting a film crew on their boats for the first time.”

Specifically, Sig said, “So they’re looking at it for next March and I’ll do it. I think it’d be good for the brand, once-in-a-lifetime thing, and it’s fuckin’ cool, you know? Why not, you know? … I think it’d be fun. It’s just, you know, why not? I’m living life. It’s been fun and as long as it doesn’t hurt my relationship with my wife, I’m good with it.” (That quotation didn’t make the story but Deggans provided it to me from the transcript of his interview.)

Heidi just reminded me Sig has been rumored to dance before for Season 11. From taking a review of all the Pure dancing With The Stars posts on Sig from that time period, it was a strong rumor too. Hmmm, so, could this be indeed Sig’s time to dance?

Ok, so, I have to admit, lol, I’m not sure about this guy? 😯 But, we’ll see.