DWTS Pro Karina Smirnoff Lends A Dancing Hand To Detroit Tigers Fundraiser To Benefit Autism Families

Dancing With The Stars pro Karina Smirnoff lent a dancing hand to a special fundraiser for the Detroit Tigers this week. The proceeds from the event went to Jack’s Place, which helps families of children with autism. As most of you know who keep up with Karina, she is the fiance of Tiger pitcher Brad Penny. CBS Local caught up with Karina where she had this to say on dancing and her fiance’s dancing skills. More at the link and be sure to view the video below of Karina teaching some dancing. Check out her HAIR too which seems a little darker or is it just the lighting?? Whatever the case, I like it!

“You’ve gotta enjoy your performance, let the audience know that you’re having fun,” said Smirnoff, “because the moment you start hesitating, doubting or get nervous, it comes across in the performance and then people kinda get nervous with you.”

Will we get to see Penny’s dancing skills at the event?

“You know what, he has twinkle toes,” Smirnoff said. “People will not expect him to dance but he’s a great dancer, he’s just too shy to do it at first. I mean, he does a mean electric slide, and Michael Jackson’s Thriller, I think he’s better than Michael Jackson.”

Smirnoff said she’s trying to get Penny to show his stuff in their January wedding in a Footloose routine, but Penny’s not too keen on that.

Justin Verlander’s girlfriend Emily Yuen said her Tiger boyfriend isn’t too sure about what goes on during their rehearsals, but she thinks all the girls are making progress.

“I think he has a mental picture of it being like the real show. So, he probably thinks Maksim from the show is in here or something with no clothes on but, it’s very professional in here,” Yuen said.

Smirnoff also said she’s very impressed with how the Tiger wives have been doing so far, but she’s a little sad she can’t stay in Detroit longer.

“But, I do have to go back to work in L.A. because, you know, someone has to make money in the family I guess,” Smirnoff joked.