An Update On Damian Whitewood And Pamela Anderson Dancing On Dancing With The Stars In Argentina

Pure Dancing With The Stars reader, Carlos Lustosa, has a new update for us on Pamela Anderson and Damian Whitewood dancing in Argentina. This week the two had to dance an “Axé” which Carlos says looks similar to “choreographed aerobics”. From Carlos;

Guys, as I said, the rhythm for this week is “Axé”. Axé is the term that holds a lot of carnaval rhythms from Bahia (a State of Brazil) the propper axé (that is faster than the samba we have in Rio), and others like galope, samba-reggae, samba-duro, etc.

so, what can I san? It’s more a solo dance than a couple dance. Sometimes it looks like “choreographed aerobics” =p

Below is an example from the Brazilian Axé icon, Ivete Sangalo:

Carlos reports that Pam was ‘gorgeous as ever’, but, “she danced a Latin Samba”. Damian got bad comments from some of the judges for not making a propper axé. I just checked Damian’s facebook page. A few fans are describing the judges critique of the two as “embarrassing” and “disgusting”. Here is their dance below. I think they are steaming it up as always.

You can view a cool picture of the two here. You are right, Carlos. Pam looks beautiful!!

FASCINATING again!!! Carlos, a BIG thank you!! I am enjoying this so much!!!! Keep us updated when you can!!!

For those interested and if you haven’t done so, check out our first posting and the comment section with more of Pamela and Damian dancing in Argentina.