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Dancing With The Stars Mark Ballas Headed To Small Claims Court

I wonder what will happen with this case? According to TMZ, Mark is headed to small claims court. Apparently, he’s being accused of firing his ex-publicist and not paying. Read more below.

Ballas has just been hit with a summons to appear in L.A. County Small Claims Court — because Ace PR claims the “Dancing with the Stars” pro never forked over $2,637.75 he owed the company after he fired them back in September.

According to legal docs, obtained by TMZ, Ace claims Ballas agreed to pay them a “30 day termination fee” when he signed his contract … which is basically severance pay.

But sources close to Ballas tell us … the dancer believes he doesn’t owe Ace a dime, because they breached the contract by doing such a terrible job.

Ballas and Ace PR are set to face off in small claims court on July 8.

If he signed a contract as such, he’s probably going to have to pay whether they did a terrible job or not. What a thing to have in a contract anyway. Also, has Mark thought that maybe it’s not them that did a terrible job? A lot rides on the talent and if people like it or not too, right?

(Heidi’s Note: Well, talent doesn’t matter one iota in this case. Both parties signed a contract. If the contract says they’re owed severance and they DIDN’T void the contract by not doing the job, then Mark has to pay. Mark doesn’t get to just say they voided the contract -there has to be a clause in there that describes what “voiding” means and he has to prove they did it. If he can prove they did a crappy job per the contract, which strikes me as difficult indeed, then they are out of luck. Up for the judge to decide.)

July 3, 2011 I Written By

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Dance of the Day…. Let’s compare Jennifer and Hines!

Can you believe that after this, we’ll have gone back and watched the first week of all 12 of our Champions? If you missed them, you can click right here and you’ll find the links for all of the posts. Each of the posts has a poll, you can still go and vote!

I know it’s not the most ideal thing, to compare 2 people doing different dances, but each of these are the first impressions that we got of them, in their seasons. Instead of comparing dances, we’re really comparing our first impressions of them.

As I said, this is the last of our Champions First Impressions. I do have plans to come back to our Champions, just because I am having fun. We’re going to claim a “winner” of all of our polls, and we’ll see how the winners progressed, by re-watching their Week 5 dances. Again, the dances might not match up, that they’re doing the same, but it will all be partway through their seasons, so we should be able to see some progress since their first week dance.

Season 11 brought us Jennifer Grey with her professional partner, Derek Hough. Jennifer was automatically labeled as the Ringer of the Season, since she had been in the movie, “Dirty Dancing,” which had been filmed her professional partner’s entire lifetime before. Before her season, Jennifer suffered from many health problems, the most immediate was 2 or 3 surgeries to get her healthy enough to compete. And I know that people got tired of having the producers “harp” on her constant health issues while they were competing, but I do think that she, and Derek, probably dealt with more health issues during the season, than any other competitor.


They danced a Viennese Waltz to These Arms of Mine

Hines Ward was our Season 12 Champion, and I won’t spend much time on him, since he’s our reigning champion, and he’s still fresh in our minds. My husband is a die-hard Pittsburgh Steelers fan, he’s been cheering them on since he was a young boy. When we got married, he still had an (empty) can of Steelers Beer, with a photo of the team, including Terry Bradshaw. So… You know who he was rooting for to win… And he did surprise me with his smiles, and charms, and grace. Hines and Kym’s win gave Kym a record among ALL of the DWTS shows, world wide. She is (I am pretty sure) the SECOND Professional to earn 3 trophies, and the ONLY Professional to win DWTS in 2 different countries! Yes, she was a Champion on DWTS in her native Australia, before she came to our show, and she’s won with Donny, and Hines gave her the 3rd trophy (but only the 2nd on our show).


They danced a cha cha cha to Club Can’t Handle Me by Flo Rida

Which one made a better first impression for you, Jennifer or Hines?

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