Dancing With The Stars Mark Ballas Headed To Small Claims Court

I wonder what will happen with this case? According to TMZ, Mark is headed to small claims court. Apparently, he’s being accused of firing his ex-publicist and not paying. Read more below.

Ballas has just been hit with a summons to appear in L.A. County Small Claims Court — because Ace PR claims the “Dancing with the Stars” pro never forked over $2,637.75 he owed the company after he fired them back in September.

According to legal docs, obtained by TMZ, Ace claims Ballas agreed to pay them a “30 day termination fee” when he signed his contract … which is basically severance pay.

But sources close to Ballas tell us … the dancer believes he doesn’t owe Ace a dime, because they breached the contract by doing such a terrible job.

Ballas and Ace PR are set to face off in small claims court on July 8.

If he signed a contract as such, he’s probably going to have to pay whether they did a terrible job or not. What a thing to have in a contract anyway. Also, has Mark thought that maybe it’s not them that did a terrible job? A lot rides on the talent and if people like it or not too, right?

(Heidi’s Note: Well, talent doesn’t matter one iota in this case. Both parties signed a contract. If the contract says they’re owed severance and they DIDN’T void the contract by not doing the job, then Mark has to pay. Mark doesn’t get to just say they voided the contract -there has to be a clause in there that describes what “voiding” means and he has to prove they did it. If he can prove they did a crappy job per the contract, which strikes me as difficult indeed, then they are out of luck. Up for the judge to decide.)