More Dancing With The Stars 13 Wannabes, Campaigning, and Possible Contenders In The Making

Well coolest Dancettes, as we enter July, the rumors for new cast contenders for Dancing With The Stars continue to surface. I’ve been running into a few wannabes and people campaigning again. First up, how about Randy Jones? Does that name sound familiar from the 70’s? Randy was most known as the original cowboy of the legendary disco group, THE VILLAGE PEOPLE!! Here he was “then” performing YMCA with his buddies (watching this takes me back. What a scream! 😀 ) in case you need a reminder!! And here he is “now”;

Ok, so on second thought? 😯 But, if you’d like to add your support for Randy, be sure to “add” this facebook page to your favorites as a fun campaign has started. Seriously, I got the giggles so bad seeing this for the first time last night. I think Randy would be a hoot if he was picked to do the show, do you?

Thanks to Courtney for this next possible contender in the making! How about soap star MICHAEL E. KNIGHT?? As many of you might know, Michael is best known for playing Tad Martin on the soap opera “All My Children”. This guy very much wants to dance. Campaigning for him has began at twitter and facebook.

He’s cute! I say bring him on! 🙂

Hey, and let’s not forget Colleen Zenk fans are still campaigning for her to dance. Check out this fun promo they did for her recently;

Colleen Zenk – Dancing with the Stars – Season 13 Promo from Team Colleen on Vimeo.

Come on, bring on BARBARA!!! We’ll never hear the end of the campaigning for her until you do. lol

How about Jason Alexander?

Jason, “forever known as George Costanza on Seinfeld”, said he’s been asked to do the show on several occasions. Below is more from AJC.

How about “Dancing With the Stars’? He said he’s turned them down on several occasions. “I have a pretty private life,” he said. “When you do any reality show, it becomes more invasive than I’m willing to go. I have a cousin who was on ‘Survivor’ twice, Jonathan Penner. It was very clear reality TV creates stories and characters the way they want. I have too delicate an ego for that.”

Alexander admits he wouldn’t be bad on the show. “I was a song-and-dance man,” he said. “That part is wonderful. It’s the rest of the stuff surrounding it that I’m not really terribly interested in.”

He’d be fun. I wish they’d get him!!

And for those not patiently waiting (like myself 😯 ) for Henry Winkler to dance on Dancing With The Stars, he’s recently said unless his buddy Ron Howard was his partner, he doesn’t plan to do the show …not even with someone elses legs. lol Below is more from the Hollywood Reporter.

THR: Do you think at point you’ll be ready to do Dancing with the Stars?

Winkler: Never. Not with someone else’s legs. I watch it. I enjoy it.

THR: You could get Ron Howard to do it with you — a mini Happy Days reunion.

Winkler: I would do it if Ron was my partner. He’s like my younger brother. Listen, I had no idea I would ever put on the leather jacket again until he called me about Obama.

What’s with all of these guys wanting to dance with each other? Ok, I can dig it.

We look forward to your thoughts as always. 😉