Dancing With The Stars Troupe Tristan MacManus Hoping To Be Promoted To Featured Pro

Can I just say I love the new Dance Troupe on Dancing With The Stars? Yes, it’s great to always see our regular and favorite pros performing unique numbers on the show, but, it’s also exciting to have some new blood and fun personalities. Yes, I am hooked. What’s more and thanks to The Boston Irish, I’m hooked even more on Tristan MacManus. They’ve done a sweet spread detailing out his career and how it came to be including becoming a part of the new Dancing With The Stars Dance Troupe. Below is a take. Note how it mentions Tristan is expecting to return for Season 13. He’s also hoping to be promoted and become one of the featured pros competing with a celebrity. I’d be VERY open to this idea, would you?

The Troupe was a new element this past season—six world-renowned, award-winning dancers who appeared on each of the Tuesday night Results Shows, performing presentation pieces as well as appearing with the special musical guest artists (Hanson, Toby Keith and OneRepublic, among others). McManus also had a chance to choreograph a couple of The Troupe’s numbers himself. He expects to return to the cast when “DWTS” reconvenes for its new season in September. He’s also crossing his fingers about being promoted to become one of the featured pros competing with a celebrity.

While waiting for rehearsals to begin later this summer, he and fellow “DWTS” colleagues Chelsie Hightower and Peta Murgatroyd have been on a USO tour, traveling to military bases around the world, talking with the troops and performing. When we were last in touch, he was in Germany.

A native of Bray, McManus started dancing when he was nine years old, encouraged by his grandparents, Jon and Phyllis McCann, who were, and are, dancers. “They got us into it, myself and my sister. My sister didn’t last too long. She didn’t like the attention, I suppose. Apparently I did,” he said with a laugh.

McManus danced extensively in Ireland and Europe, capturing numerous titles. After winning the All Ireland Championships for the last time in 2000, he moved on to perform in musical theater. Following a highly successful tour of “Simply Ballroom,” initially in London and then in Las Vegas, he was back in London’s West End where he performed in the stage version of “Dirty Dancing.”

You can read more on Tristan at the link. It’s well worth the read!!

So cute! I think he’s my third favorite dancer next to Maks and Derek??!!! 🙂

Heidi’s Note: My guess is that you’re looking at the dude who will eventually replace Derek and/or Maks. It sure sounded to me like Maks had orginally intended to sit the coming season out (which may be why Tristan was crossing his fingers). Now that he’s back, and Derek is supposedly back (although I’ll believe it when I see it), Tristan might have to wait until Spring 2012. I’d be willing to bet that Derek will have to sit that one out to do promo for his movie and if Maks was planning to sit this one out, why wouldn’t he sit the next one out instead? I don’t envy Tristan – either Derek or Maks are VERY big shoes to fill. Is he up to it?? I couldn’t tell you because, unlike Vogue, the Troupe was pretty much invisible to me.