DWTS Season 13 – Anyone Want to Rant??

I do. 🙂 Those of you who are regular readers know that I have a tendency to go off on a good, old fashioned rant when something ridiculous or silly happens related to DWTS. Well, here’s what’s getting me today…


So, their latest thing is to throw out a few tweets like “Who do you want on DWTS and who do you want them paired with??” AND “What athlete would you like to see on DWTS??”

Why on earth would anyone take the time or energy needed to chat with them about who they want on the show? Last season, didn’t they try to get people to campaign for their favorites? And how many of those people did they actually pick and put on the show? Answer: NONE.

Well, now, the kids who cried wolf are clogging up my twitter searches with people actually believing they have a shot of getting their favorite on the show. Again. Hmmm….maybe that is their evil plan. In any case, at some point your audience (those who are actually crazy enough to believe they would have a shot at getting their favorite on the show) is going to realize that you don’t really give a crap about what they say and are going to tune you out.

Sure, there are those who know better and are just playing the game with them – but there are way too many who think because this is DWTS’s twitter account that they actually might have a shot. :::sigh::: People, the real deal here is to get DWTS trending, to liven up their followers and to build buzz (and more false “rumors”) for season 13. Period. End of Story. Don’t waste your time with serious campaigning – it doesn’t WORK.

Thus endeth my rant for the day. 🙂