Peta Murgatroyd Loves Being A Regular Part of Dancing With The Stars (New Interview)

For you Peta Murgatroyd lovers like myself, Music Fashion Magazine has a great new article up with the Dancing With The Stars Troupe Queen. Peta discusses all the artists who have meant something to her. She talks of her dance training in the UK and what brought her to America. She also talks of what it’s like to dance on the show and much more. More below and be sure to read the link for the full interview and see a sweet picture of her.

Australia has produced so many great artists. What examples have meant something to you?
I love Australian films and Australians actors and actresses. Heath Ledger (from my home town in Perth) Nicole Kidman, Naomi Watts, Geoffrey Rush, Russell Crowe and Gemma Ward (from my home town Perth)….it shows that no matter where you’re from in the world, talent is talent, and you can’t buy that. If you work hard in life, and dream, you can be anyone and anywhere in life. Gemma Ward transitioned from modelling into acting and that is something that I aspire to do, from dancing.

I’ve read that you trained in ballet before starting your professional career and moving to England. What took you to the UK?
At that time the UK had all the best teachers over there, and I wanted to experience the best of the best. They hold the most prestigious competition in the world for Ballroom Dancing in Blackpool and I wanted to live and breathe the life of a dancer over there.

In England you were a frequent competition winner and became a member of the cast for the hugely successful show, Burn The Floor. That show transferred to Broadway and you were chosen as the principal female dancer. Tell us about that time in your life.
This was an amazing time in my life! I had just broken up with my competitive partner at the time Burn The Floor called, so I quickly transitioned onto the stage, and didn’t really have time to think about not having another partner. It was perfect timing, and I never looked back. I worked hard on Burn The Floor and worked my way up. Broadway has always been a dream of mine and to be dancing the lead roles was such an honor. We were the first pure Ballroom dancing show to be on Broadway, we had 2 vocalists, 2 percussionists, and the rest dancers. No scripts, hardly any props, our dancing was the show and we communicated through our bodies.

Did you suffer any culture shock – Australia, England, USA – all in just a few years?
No not really, it certainly made me grow up though!

Now you live in Los Angeles and have a permanent place in the cast of Dancing with the Stars. Do you find your face is increasingly recognized on the street or are you managing to keep your professional and private lives separate?
I am loving being a regular part of DWTS. I am not getting recognized yet. I guess the more you become famous though, the more privacy you lose, so I wouldn’t mind being more recognizable eventually, but for now I love being able to walk to the shops in my sweats with no makeup.