Derek Hough Gets a New Choreography Job!

Well, this guy never sits still, does he?? 🙂 According to the interview he did with Extra’s Teri Seymore on Saturday before the BAFTA’s Brits to Watch Party, he is doing some choreography for a “Cameron Diaz, Matthew Morrison movie” in August, which he says will be completed before “the show” comes back. I assume he’s talking about DWTS. The movie he’s referring to is, I believe, the anticipated “What to Expect When You’re Expecting“, also starring Jennifer Lopez and Chris Rock. Now, since Derek doesn’t come right out and SAY that’s the movie, I’m guessing. But I think it’s a pretty good guess. 🙂

ETA: According to Mark, Derek will be back on Season 13, but he’s not sure about his own future:

Mark Ballas on Ryan Seacrest