Louis Van Amstel Talks So You Think You Can Dance And Dancing With The Stars

Wetpaint has a great new interview up with Louis Van Amstel. As some of you know, he’s been currently helping to choreograph some routines for So You Think You Can Dance. According to our Heidi in the Emmy post, Louis choreographed “two kickass dances” that were “strict and difficult ballroom”. What’s more, she said his work was “better than anything he’s done on DWTS in YEARS.” Of the experience in the new interview, Louis said….

You also choreographed for So You Think You Can Dance recently. How do you find choreographing for So You Think You Can Dance compared to Dancing With The Stars?
It’s different… This week on So You Think You Can Dance it was very challenging. They had never done Tango, ever. So I thought, you know what, you’re going to have to rise to the challenge. I am not going to make it easier… If you have trained dancers that are out of their comfort zone, it is a completely different challenge than someone who has never danced before, where you have to just teach them how to dance. It’s different, but I love both, I absolutely love both.

Stay tuned because Chelsie Hightower will be helping with So You Think You Can Dance next week for one show.

Louis also talks about Dancing With The Stars. I didn’t realize he had taught many of the current pros on the show.

Before Dancing With the Stars you worked with a lot of the pros who are now on the show as their coach, right?
Yes. ABC doesn’t talk a lot about that, but yes, I couched ninety percent of the dancers on the show right now.

What has it been like to watch your pupils become your colleagues and co-stars on DWTS, which is a huge phenomena?
Now it’s great, but in the beginning — let’s say between Season 3 and Season 10 — there were conflicts. You get the dynamic that I had been the coach then [before the show], but now I’m not. And then some [of the pros] feel, in their minds, that they’re more celebrated than others, and others feel that now they want to compete with me. I’m not doing Dancing With the Stars to compete with someone else. My job is to develop, and create a journey for my celebrity, so that I can truly help my partner and make her as good as I can. And when we do group numbers, it’s to create the best number for the show, because we want to entertain. So, there had been conflict…

But now, in the last two seasons, the pros have now found their own self, and their own route, and their own niche, and it’s really good. I think people see it, and the celebrities feel it, and the celebrities have more camaraderie, and we all help each other.

A lot of pros have started to branch out into other projects, and seeing success there. Do you think that’s part of why they’re less competitive on the show itself?
If you’re very competitive by nature, in the end, there is some insecurity there. If you’re insecure about yourself, you focus on your product, your dancing, your art. You have to be pretty secure about who you are as a person to be able to say, “I’m not trying to put you down, or beat you, I am just focusing on my heart.” It’s not easy to do, sometimes.

Ineresting. Be sure to read more of this interview >>>>here. Louis also talks of his past partners on Dancing With The Stars. Note: Louis will be on “Drop Dead Diva” with Margaret Cho on Sunday, July 17th at 9:00pm ET on Lifetime if you want to check it out. Below is a hint of what’s to come….