Maksim Chmerkovskiy And Tony Dovolani On Returning To Dancing With The Stars, The Dina Lohan Rumors, Their New Dance Studio In L.A., and More

Below is more of Tony and Maks on the Red Carpet for the ESPY Awards. Hollyscoop TV caught up with the two to ask them about Dancing With The Stars. They ask them if Dina Lohan is going to be on the show next Season and they say “Who”? Then Maks says they don’t participate in gossip, but, he doesn’t care if she is on the show. Tony says he wants anyone who “WANTS” to be on the show and they have to be “committed”. Maks agrees and comments that if you don’t want to do the show and you agree to do it, you will just make 20+ million people mad at you (SO TRUE!!!). They also ask Maks if he is returning to the show and with a lot of heart, he said, “YES” and that there was a “special arrangement” (hmmm, I so want to know what this is all about?). The two are super excited about their new dance studio opening in Los Angeles in two weeks as well. Lastly, they ask about about Karina’s wedding and if they are going to attend and Tony completely changes the subject (stupid question and that interviewer knew better as she’s been around the dance circuit for a long time.) Until the Karina part putting Maks on the spot, great interview!!