Pure Dancing With The Stars Questionnaire #3

It’s that time again for another Pure Dancing With The Stars Questionnaire!! Like the other questionnaires, answer to the best of your ability or for whatever comes to mind first. Again and remember, this isn’t necessarily about your favorite dancer although it could be. For instance, you might think Mark is the best choreographer on the show, but, he is your least favorite dancer. For some of these questions, try to narrow it down to only ONE answer, but, you can name a few honorable mentions too if you like. Some of your answers may resort in a tie. Ok, ready? Here we go and thanks for your fun participations in the past on these. 😉 :

1. Which pro has been and is the best “choreographer” on the show?

2. Which pro has been and is the best “entertainer” on the show?

3. Which pro has been or is the most beautiful to watch?

4. Has any of the pros made you cry with a performance? If so, who? Who has made you cry the most?

5. Who has been your favorite partner for each of these pros in the past?:



6. Off Topic Bonus Question in getting to know you more: Who are your top 5 favorite actors?

Ok, I’ll start us off:

1. Best Choreographer: They are all good choreographers. But, I think Derek and Maks have the edge in this area with Derek dominating and being the most consistant! I have enjoyed Karina and Cheryl’s choreography too in the past.

2. Best Entertainer: Derek, Maks, and Kym with Derek at the top again!

3. Most Beautiful pro to watch: Edyta and Anna!! TIE!

4. Which pro has brought me to tears?: Derek did this twice with Jennifer Grey. Maks brought me to tears once with Brandy.

5. Fave partners for each pro:

Derek -Joanna Krupa and Jennifer Grey with Joanna winning.
Maks -Willa Ford, Erin Andrews, and Kirstie with Willa beating them all.
Tony -Audrina Partridge
Dmitry -Petra Nemcova
Alec -Kelly Monaco
Louis -Kelly Osbourne
Mark -Kristi Yamaguchi
Jonathan -Marie Osmond

Edyta -George Hamilton
Anna -Evan Lysacek
Cheryl -Drew Lachey
Lacey -Kyle Massey
Kym -Donny Osmond
Chelsie -Romeo Miller
Karina -Mario López with Ralph Macchio being my second favorite
Julianne -Apolo Ohno

6. Favorite 5 Actors; Tom Cruise, Tom Hanks, Matt Damion, Richard Gere, Brad Pitt (If I were to name a few more: Robert Redford and Paul Newman)