Dancing With The Stars Louis Van Amstel “Drop Dead Diva” Appearance (Video)

Hey Guys! Thanks to @DWTSGossip at Twitter for this news, you can watch Sunday’s “Drop Dead Diva” episode with Louis and Margaret Cho >>>>HERE. Below are some takes from Margaret via The Sop about Louis’ appearance…

“Louis was so gracious to do a wonderful cameo for us because he was in the middle of filming Dancing with the Stars,” says Cho, whose show films in Atlanta. “Of course, he was competing with Kendra Wilkinson and so he didn`t have a lot of time. He came in on a red eye, danced and choreographed the whole number, filmed with us, and left that same day to go back to rehearsals. So we`re so grateful to him. He was just marvelous.”

“Louis and I worked with the choreography — some of it from Dancing with the Stars — and then he took all of the moves that we had learned over that period of time and put them together and made like a mash-up of the best of,” Cho explains. “So we do like the most athletic, the most dynamic and showy ballroom moves, and we show them off to Grayson and he gets very intimidated.”

“I think a lot of the spins, the twists, the turns, learning how to be dipped. You know, having faith in who you`re acting with ” making sure they`ll carry you. I think that`s what I learned most of all from Dancing with the Stars is trust. When you trust somebody else to lift you and pick you up and hurl you around and catch you, I think that`s huge. So I definitely bring that to Drop Dead Diva.”

I haven’t watched the episode yet, but, from a fan at twitter, they say Louis danced to Shaun Barrowes’ song “Hop, Skip and a Jump” Hop, Skip and a Jump - Big Bang Theory and it was “pretty cool”. If you watched it, let us know your thoughts.