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Louis Van Amstel To LaBlast In Chicago And Addresses If He Will Be Dancing for DWTS Next Season

July 24th Louis Van Amstel is taking his LaBlast dancing/fitness program to Chicago. The Chicago Sun has a new interview promoting him and the event. Louis talks about how important it is to stay and shape and how dancing can help. Here is what he said about Kelly Osbourne and how he was inspired to create the program.

“The reason I wanted to do something like LaBlast was because obesity is the number one disease worldwide,” Van Amstel said. “When I was partnered with Kelly (Osbourne, in season 9), I started thinking to myself, I’m on the number one show in the country, it’s all about dancing, people are loving the dances, they are seeing how fit we are and how the contestants are transforming, so why not create a dance program people could do without a partner and just feel good about themselves?”

LaBlast is a five-tier workout program (currently not offered in the Chicago area) that incorporates dance steps from the cha-cha, samba, Lindy Hop, jive, paso doble, Quickstep, salsa and more. The routines are designed to create a total cardio/interval training workout.

“When I first met Kelly,” Van Amstel said, “her self-esteem was nowhere. She was this pigeontoed girl, who as overweight, walked hunched over, and I was like ‘What am I gonna do with her?’ But five minutes into our first steps I knew she had enormous talent and rhythm and we just took it from there. As the season went on, people really connected to her transformation, and that’s what LaBlast ultimately does. It builds up your confidence and transforms you on every level.”

They also ask him if he’ll be dancing on the next season of Dancing With the Stars….

As for the upcoming season of “Dancing with the Stars,” Van Amstel said he won’t know until August if he will be returning. “They don’t ask us until right before rehearsals,” he said. “So we’ll see.”

Yes, we will see. Just come out with it already. I’m having Dancing withdrawals at their worst now. lol

If you’d like more information on how you can attend Louis’ LaBlast class in Chicago, go >>>>here.

July 19, 2011 I Written By

"Dance is the hidden language of the soul" ~ Martha Graham. That's what DWTS makes me think of every Monday night. To read more about me and my other interests, see Lisa Kay Photography. You can also follow me at Voguerista Twitter & Voguerista Soundcloud.

Hope Solo On Dancing With The Stars Maks Chmerkovskiy: “He’s crazy, I can’t dance….”

As reported to you earlier, Maks is campaigning and pleading with Hope Solo to dance and be his partner on Dancing With The Stars this upcoming Season. He even took to ESPN radio lastnight to do so. Today on ESPN, Hope addressed him during a post competition soccer interview with Japan. She said, “He’s crazy, I can’t dance, and I can’t walk in heels!” Check it out at the 4:11 minute mark. Her face just lights up when the interviewer brings up the topic.

Well, at least it wasn’t a definite “no” yet, right? I am really hoping this union will come true!

Heidi’s Note: Now we officially have three different interpretations of that interview!! 🙂

Edit to add: Below is another ESPN interview where Hope mentions Maks should ask Coach Pia to dance instead. lol You can hear Maks’ interview on ESPN radio a little too.

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"Dance is the hidden language of the soul" ~ Martha Graham. That's what DWTS makes me think of every Monday night. To read more about me and my other interests, see Lisa Kay Photography. You can also follow me at Voguerista Twitter & Voguerista Soundcloud.

DWTS 12 End of Season Award Winners – Which Couple Was the Best Dressed?

John: Impossible to decide between Kym, the blonde bombshell with the awesome accent, or the super model with the amazing accent. Does it really matter what they wear or who their partner is? Correct Answer: No.

Vogue: This was a toss up between Hines and Kim or Petra and Dimitry. Both couples always took my breath away. In the end, Kym and Hines got my vote. Not only does Kym have a knack for dancing and teaching, she knows just the right costumes to pull out and when for the most part. They aren’t too gawdy or in your face. They are never ugly or tasteless. They always match the dance which is really important in my opinion. Totally classy all the way.

Courtney: I’d like to say a little prayer of thanks & praise to Our Lady of the Awesome Boobage, because she easily ran away with this title, IMO 😀 Seriously – Kym’s hair, makeup, and costumes were picture-perfect this season, and I think she did a great job of styling Hines well, too.  My favorites had to be her quickstep dress (quite possibly my favorite ballgown in the history of the show) and Argentine tango dress (who would have thought thousands of pearls could make a bigger statement than the cliched rhinestones?).  I think Kym’s biggest strength in styling both her & her partners is that she knows when to keep it simple – most of her popular costumes are very uncomplicated silhouttes, in flattering colors and textures that compliment the moves of the dances.  Wish some more of the female pros would take a page out of her book…you listening, Lacey & Karina? 😉 Petra was a vision in all of her costumes this season – but how couldn’t she be, when she’s such a vision on her own? And a sweetheart to boot…I have to admit, I really liked she & Dmitry together this season, despite thinking I would find them boring.  While I don’t think all of Kirstie’s costumes were terribly flattering (still trying to figure out her jive & waltz costumes…), I do think they were memorable and fit the dances well.  Thought some of Romeo & Chelsie’s costumes were just lovely – god I loved both their Fred & Ginger-inspired foxtrot costumes, and their Titanic-inspired waltz costumes! Rounding out the write-in category: Ralph & Karina (12), Chelsea & Mark (7), Chris & Cheryl (1), and “No one” (1). Ralph & Karina were kinda hit-or-miss for me – loved their foxtrot costumes, hated their salsa costumes, loved their rumba & waltz costumes, hated their paso doble & quickstep costumes.  Karina’s kinda all over the place for me, costume-wise.  Looks like Chelsea & Mark are a polarizing couple – people seemed to either really love or hate both their dancing & their costumes! She had a few good ones (foxtrot, cha-cha), but I’m afraid she was overshadowed by the ridiculous ones (paso doble, samba, freestyle). As for Chris & Cheryl – I didn’t really LOVE any of their costumes this season, but I didn’t really hate them, either.  They were just…there.

Marianya: Instead of saying “best dressed” I’ll instead say who I think didn’t annoy me with their costumes. In this case it would have to be Petra and Dmitry. However, if we’re measuring the entire course of the show, then of course Hines and Kym. 😀

Heidi: In re-watching the various seasons, I’m continually in awe of the hot blond with the awesome boobage – and I ain’t talkin’ Derek. 🙂  What I can’t figure is why Kym is so under the radar – I guess she’s second only to Derek in the lack of self promotion.  It’s like she goes into hiding between seasons…but this girl is just gorgeous!!  Inside and out. It’s safe to say I have a straight gurl crush. 🙂  Seriously – two trophies, great record with her partners, gorgeous…and the best dance-face around.  Best example is her Team Paso with Warren – fierce.  Speaking of Paso Doble’s with Warren – that pleather ensemble and the Matrix tribute dance?? Awesome.  This season, I have to go with the quickstep dress -fantastic.   She’s my new favorite girl, easily.

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Ultrasound sales specialist by day, semi-knowledgeable DWTS fan by night...with a smattering of hair & makeup enthusiast, occasional model, baker, and crazy cat lady peppered in to make things REALLY interesting ;-) I might pee my pants in happiness if Donnie Wahlberg ever does DWTS - or if they ever use "Sunglasses at Night" as a paso doble.