“Ballroom Battle” New Segment On Dancing With The Stars 13?

Today at twitter, @DWTSGossip is reporting 12 couples will be dancing on Season 13 of Dancing With The Stars. She also mentions the “new segment” for which several of the pros have been tweeting on and we’ve been reporting on in the past. Apparently, the new segment will be called “Ballroom Battle”. More details below from @DWTSGossip.

Season 13 of DWTS will return in a true fall fashion with 12 couples.

As some of you may already know, dwts will have a new segment. It’s called Ballroom Battle. Karina, Tony, Mark, Cheryl, Lacey,and Louis will be forming teams. They will all field one couple and coach/choreograph them. The pros will still compete with their celebs if they are asked back. This is an additional segment.

She doesn’t mention Maks, but, I think he’ll be involved too since he and Tony are running the same studio.

Anyway, this sounds fun and different. I can’t wait to see what it’s about. I also tend to think the pros above listed will be asked to come back to compete with a celebrity, do you? If true, add Derek Hough to the list, and that makes 8 competing dancers. This leaves 4 vacant spots. I pray Damian Whitewood and Peta Murgatroyd will be asked.

Heidi’s Note: I’m not sure I agree. While it will be a cool segment – think of the additional burden it puts on the pros DURING the season.Β  So they would have a partner they will have to work with every day AND an amature couple for this other competition?? Sounds like someone is asking to get injured. Please leave Derek off this list. πŸ™‚Β  I think that because of the work load burden, it is absolutely NOT a guarantee that those pros will also field partners. Who is left besides those 5?Β  Derek, Maks, Chelsey, Anna, Kym, Dmitry, Damian, and Corky? Add Jonathan?Β  Also adding Peta gets you up to ten. Are they going to promote some of the Troupe? Wasn’t the whole point of the Troupe to relieve some of the pro dance burdens on the competing pros??Β  Doesn’t this exercise add that burden back in and even increase it??Β  That said, I can certainly see why pros who own studios would want to do it – it will be great PR. The kind of PR you can’t buy, actually.