Evelyn Lozada, Jeb Bush, And Sherri Shepherd For Dancing With The Stars Season 13? (Update on Snooki and Mike Tyson)

We have more contenders to add to the Dancing With The Stars Season 13 Cast rumors list this week. For starters, we have former Florida State governor and 2012 Presidential GOP hopeful, Jeb Bush (Say WHAT?) and “Basketball Wives” reality star and Chad Ochocinco’s fiance, Evelyn Lozada. Below is what TMZ is reporting on Evelyn. Chad says she’s in “talks” with Dancing With The Stars. He also might be involved with the show again somehow. As you know Chad was paired with Cheryl Burke in Season 10.

“Basketball Wives” star Evelyn Lozada may soon follow in her fiance’s fox-trotting footsteps — TMZ has learned the future Mrs. Chad Ochocinco is in talks to join the next season of “Dancing with the Stars!”

Sources connected to the show tell us … “Dancing” producers love the idea of having Evelyn on the show — especially since she’s engaged to Chad who was a previous contestant.

We’re told the show is even hoping to involve Mr. Ochocinco … since he’s now an expert in the ways of the ballroom.

As for Jeb Bush, tonight (Friday night) he sits down with Hannity on Fox to talk about the upcoming Presidential election. Below is what Jeb is quoted as saying about dancing and a run for the Presidency. You can read more at the Miami Herald. I wouldn’t take take this too seriously as this sounds like a tongue and cheek comment. In fact, I almost didn’t report on it.

On a 2012 run for president: “I don’t anticipate that, you never say never. This is a standard answer that I’ve kind of learned how to give which is — you never say never, but I never ruling out being on Dancing with the Stars either.”

Also, Wendy Williams has a new video up at her site where she talks of Sherri Shepherd in talks to do the show. We reported on Sherri earlier and this isn’t the first season she has been rumored to dance. She was rumored to dance in Season 10 and remarked she wanted to dance with Maks. Thanks to Puredwts reader Maddy for this news….

Oh, and for those hoping for Snooki to dance on Dancing With The Stars, Rumorfix is reporting that her manager says the talks are not true (thank goodness!! Many of us are sighing in relief!). More below…

Multiple blogs are reporting that the Jersey Shore star is going to pick up where Mike “The Situation” Sorrentino left off — and she’s in talks with the hit TV show.

But Snooki’s manager, Scott Talarico, tells RumorFix, “Not true.”

We know you’re probably as disappointed as we are — so we can confirm that Snooki and the rest of the Jersey Shore gang will be making a cameo in the Three Stooges movie, starring Sean P. Hayes, Jane Lynch and Sofia Vergara.

Lastly and adding: Mike Tyson doesn’t plan on dancing on the show anytime soon by the sounds of this tweet;

So, how do you feel about Jeb, Evelyn, and Sherri? Evelyn might be cool, but, I’m not sure about Jeb? I guess I should just be thankful it’s not his brother GEORGE!! Ok, so I am bad. 🙂 Sherri might be ok, but, please don’t put her with Maks!