DWTS Maksim Chmerkovskiy Guests On Master Chef In The Ukraine

Today, Maks made a guest appearance on “Master Chef” in the Ukraine. They interviewed him on his favorite foods, cooking, the making of “The Bachelor”, and his love to dance. Here is a take from Kiev Media Week. Keep in mind when reading that this is a google transalation so, it reads a little different. You can view some fun new pics of Maks at the link as well. Special thanks to @DWTSSeason12 at Facebook for this article.

Maxim, you’re tired of TV projects?
No, absolutely. На In fact, I never wanted to get on TV, it all started with the “Dancing with the Stars”, because dancing – it’s mine. By itself, television work – this is not the bricks to lug around. I always meet new and interesting personalities, and meet new people.

What are your impressions of shooting at Yalta?
Very cool. I am a professional dancer, I like to teach people to dance. Because, despite the fact that we had to get up at 4:30, Yalta became for me a break. A lot of talented guys. Only in terms of hip-hop and modern Ukrainian dancers noticeably lag behind the U.S. I think it’s very promising, and I want to develop it in Ukraine. 

What was your first cooking experience?
For the first time I stood up to the plate when I left the family home. Then I cooked some scrambled eggs, if not mistaken.

There were culinary failure?
I’m at all surprised that everything went well today – One day my brother and parents were invited for dinner and decided to make sushi. It turned out that this was not the best idea …

What’s love of food?
I do love food. But the specific weaknesses in the meal plan I have. Although there … I love bread. But not often can not afford it in large quantities: only during intense workouts. Actually, I eat very well and do not accept junk food. My free-range. If I go to the store, for example, I’m not going to buy a simple egg, and take free-range (from chickens free-range). And let it costs more, but I eat the right foods clean.

Yet a few words about the “Bachelor”. What are advantages for you for your participation in the show? And whether the cons?
Of course, I was very impressed with the popularity of the Ukraine, because this is my home. The only thing that is difficult – the position of exile, because it seems to us, and there do not like and not like here. And I’m tired of what I knew as a bachelor – is not that a little title that I want to wear.