L.A. Laker Ron Artest In Talks To Do Dancing With The Stars?

As fans to Dancing With The Stars know, we can’t ignore TMZ when it comes to rumors. Today the tabloid news site is reporting L.A. Laker Ron Artest in talks with the show to dance. He may have some rehearsal issues though if the NBA resolves the lockout, but, not if producers change the “requirements”. Could this be why they did so?

Nothing’s official yet — but sources tell us, both Artest and “Dancing” producers have been in touch to hash out a possible deal … and Ron’s pretty excited about the prospect.

But here’s the catch — “Dancing” won’t end ’til November and basketball season typically starts in October … which means if the lockout ends early, Ron could be S.O.L.

That said, Ron could theoretically handle both commitments simultaneously — because as TMZ first reported, “Dancing” producers are desperate for A-list talent … so there will be NO minimum rehearsal requirement next season.

So what do you think if this comes true and who do you see Ron paired with? I can see him with Cheryl!!!