DWTS 13 Cast Rumor: Former U.S. Representative Anthony Weiner In Talks To Do Dancing With The Stars?

Ok, so this has to be the most outrageous of all the rumored contenders yet. 😕 I so hope this is NOT TRUE!!! I would bet that it isn’t. Yes, Dancing With The Stars might want the ratings….but, would they want it connected with Anthony Weiner? I would hope not. This would be like having Bristol Palin all over again too and WORSE! More below from Lime Life.

Apparently sextually scandalized U.S. Representative Anthony Weiner is in talks with producers to show his moves…but really, haven’t we seen enough of this guy?

Remember when Anthony Weiner was busted earlier this year for sending lewd images of himself to a 21-year-old woman from Washington State? We saw him in tighty-whities, and we’re not really game to see him in spandex. What are Dancing with the Stars producers thinking?

They’re thinking ratings. When we heard they were going big with their casting this season, we thought they meant Snooki and Mike Tyson (who are both rumored to be in talks with casting directors for this fall’s season 13). But rumor has it Anthony Weiner is indeed in the midst of a deal to star on the ABC reality series. Insiders say the drawers — er, draw — is that figures related to politics (think Bristol Palin) bring in big viewership, especially when they’re known for being controversial.

UPDATE:: Extra talked with Anthony Weiner’s Rep today. Apparently, Weiner isn’t “hot” for Dancing With The Stars and isn’t interested in this kind of exposure. Shewwww…we can all take a sigh of relief now.