Lacey Schwimmer’s New Mini Music Tour And She Dishes On The New Things For Dancing With The Stars Season 13

Hollywood Scoop caught up with Lacey Schwimmer at the Lia Sophia Jewerly Industrielle II Launch in Hollywood this week to talk about Dancing With The Stars. Lacey says there are a “few new things” happening for this upcoming Season. She doesn’t reveal much except that she’s excited and we’ll still see some of the same dancers on the show. They also ask her on her dream partner. She wants someone funny, like John Heder from Napoleon Dynamite, but, she would also take Brad Pitt. They also discuss the recent death of Amy Winehouse, addictions, beauty tips, and more.

In other news on Lacey, she’s planning to do a new Mini Music Tour before the new season of Dancing With The Stars. Her “August” is going to be packed to say the least. She talks about it below in a new interview from Hollywood Dame. Much more at the link if interested.

How would you describe the sound of your music?
I’m a dancer and I have been one my entire life. I couldn’t imagine doing anything else. I wanted to make music to back that up, so I wanted to make dance music. It’s a little bit of pop, but it’s mostly dance.

How do you feel that you’re different from other artists in your genre?
I think that a lot of the top female pop stars are very character oriented. I mean, if you look at Lady Gaga, she’s a character. Ke$ha, Katy Perry, they’re also characters. But if you look at Beyonce, she is more of a performance act, and that’s awesome to watch. I am the only classically trained dancer out there, so that’s important to me to dance as much as I can when I’m performing.

What are some of your short-term and long-term goals you have lined out for yourself?
Music always has been a long term one. I want to make sure that regardless of what ever happens, music is involved somehow in my life because it’s such an inspiration to me. I’d like to get involved with more animal charities as much as I could. That’s a short term goal of mine. I’d like to buy a house too. I get really bored of apartments because I travel so much and live out of suitcases, that I want to come home and have it be my home. I’m a little scared about that though because I am only 23, but I feel as though that is a step that I should be taking.

What are your upcoming plans for promoting your music?
I’m going to be doing a mini US tour, going to clubs and locations for signings right before this season of ‘Dancing With The Stars’ so August is going to be really busy! I’ll be going to Miami, Texas, and doing more stuff in California. Then hopefully after the show I’ll be going overseas to the UK.