Tom Bergeron Talks On The New Dancing With Stars Requirements And More On The View!

As we reported to you earlier and in case you missed it, Tom Bergeron was a guest on The View Wednesday. We were hoping to find just his segment on the show, but, unfortunately, and for now, all we have is the full episode which you can watch >>>>HERE. The View girls start out by talking about their debate Tuesday and the rumors about the show wanting bigger celebrities and how one of the things they plan to do is give the celebrities more control over rehearsal times, etc.. Tom says the hours put in don’t always equate to “good dancing” (which is true. Some people are just naturally gifted). Tom also says Dancing With The Stars has always tried to get bigger names to do the show and nothing is really any different. They also talk about the celebrities having free reign over their costumes and “bird feathers” (lol). They talk of Tom’s Emmy nomination as well. Sherri also asks him what it’s going to take for her to be asked to do the show (she’s in total agony dying to dance! LOL). Tom Bergeron, as always, is at his funniest. Be sure to watch.

Special thanks to PureDWTS reader Jennifer for sending the link to us.