DWTS Kirstie Alley Once Addicted To Drugs And Now To Dance (David Letterman Video)

Last night, Kirstie Alley was a guest on David Letterman. They played “Pretty Woman” Oh, Pretty Woman - The Essential Roy Orbison for an introduction to her segment which I thought was cool and fitting for everything she’s been through with her weight issues and losing it. They start off talking about Dancing With The Stars. Kirstie said it was a lot of hard work, but fun. She also talks (jokes) of how she was mad and not really a good sport when she lost to Hines Ward. Dave also asks her about Maks and if they are dating. Kirstie said, “They have a great relationship that will last forever”. She also mentions how hard it was adjust to a regular life again after Dancing With The Stars. Because of this, she became a “clubber” in New York. She gives Dave an example of how people dance in clubs. LOL A must see if you missed it last night. The two are too funny as always. And doesn’t Kirstie look fantastic?