It’s National Dance Day!! Come Celebrate With This New Pure Dancing With The Stars Questionnaire!

It’s National Dance Day All!!! In honor of the event, let’s have another little Questionnaire. Thanks again for all of your responses to these in the past. You are an inspiration always. Ready? Here we go and have the best weekend!

1. Have you taken dance lessons in your lifetime? If so, what kind?

2. My favorite kind of Ballroom dance is ____________________.

3. Do you have any of the dance/work out DVDs from the pros? If so, which ones do you have?

4. If you could have one wish come true for Season 13 on Dancing With The Stars, what would it be?

5. If you could have lunch with any of the pros and interview them currently, which one would you pick? What would you want to ask them?

6. Get up and dance or move in any shape or form for National Dance Day! If you can’t, then invision it instead. Write the dance song you invisioned dancing to and/or that you picked or you are going to pick. Later, I’ll put the dance songs you picked into a special music post!

Ok, I’ll start us off;

1. I have taken ballet lessons several times when I was in gradeschool and then later in College for fun. I LOVED IT!

2. My favorite kind of ballroom dance is the Argentine Tango. I also love the Mambo.

3. I won the Dancing With The Stars Latin Cardio DVD with Cheryl and Maks last year! It’s a kick!! I’d highly recommend it!

4. My first wishes for the show have come true with Derek and Maks returning. Another wish is just to see some good “traditional” dancing!!!

5. I’d love to interview any of the pros. They are all fascinating. It’s hard to pick just one…but, if I had to do so, it would Maks and then Derek. I’d ask them more on their youth and dancing and who were their greatest mentors, etc.

6. I am invisioning myself dancing to Madonna’s “Music” single Music - Music (with Brad Pitt, then Maks! 😀 ) and I plan to do so right after posting this post! 🙂

Photo Credit: Mesalina