Dancing With The Stars Kym Johnson And Tristan MacManus Attend And Dance At Pittsburgh Wedding Clickers Bridal Show

Over the weekend, Kym Johnson attended the Wedding Clickers.com ‘s Bridal Show in Pittsburgh. She lit up the event with interviews and even danced with Dancing With The Stars troupe member Tristan MacManus. Gladys Magazine was there to cover the event. They asked Kym on her recent win on Dancing With Stars with Hines Ward. They also asked Kym where she trained for dancing and her favorite kind of dance. They ask on her greatest inspiration which you can read more of below.

Gladys Magazine: Obviously you trained for a while before Dancing With The Stars. Where did you train, and what is your favorite style of dance?
Kym Johnson: “I started in Australia, so I actually started in ballet, jazz, tap, and all of that kind of stuff. I got into ballroom when I was 13, and then I moved to London and did some training there. So, that’s basically where it all began. My favorite style is more of the ballroom ones, like the “fox trot” and I love all of the Fred and Ginger moves.”

GM: Our magazine is inspirational based. Who is your inspiration? Who inspires you?
KJ: “My mom. She comes out to L.A. a lot. She is an incredibly strong and beautiful woman, and she definitely inspires me!”

Below are some videos of Kym and Tristan dancing. They work it well together, don’t they? Hot! 😀

You can read more and see some gorgeous pictures of Kym with Gladys Magazine ….HERE. For some beautiful pics of Kym dancing with Tristan, be sure to see a cool slide show at WPXI.com.

EDIT TO ADD: Thanks to PureDWTS reader Magnolia for this video. You can see the two dancing as well as being interviewed. Tristan mentions dancing this upcoming Season and more. So cute!