Sherri Shepherd and Davy Jones Reject Dancing With The Stars

What a turn around this news is! In the last few months (and Seasons before this), Sherri Shepherd has been very vocal about wanting to do dance on Dancing With The Stars. But, according to TMZ today, this won’t be happening this upcoming Season. Sherri is getting married later this month and won’t have time. So, she’s turned down an offer.

Sources close to Shepherd tell TMZ she’s been approached by “DWTS” for this upcoming season — and they’ve been “aggressively courting her.”

But Shepherd is getting married later this month — during hiatus from “The View” — and we’re told once she goes back to work … there just won’t be time for “DWTS.”

Also, one of the celebrities listed on many of our dream cast lists, Davy Jones, has said “no” to dancing as well. Reality Blurred reported this quote from Davy which is kind of hard to understand, but, according to the link it’s a “rejection”.

During a press conference yesterday for his upcoming December PBS special called “60s Pop Rock: My Music,” Davy Jones said, as part of one of his long, rambling answers, “If I want to go out there and compete … maybe there was a phone call a couple days ago to go on Dancing with the Stars. If they would have called me three years ago, I would have said yes. What am I dancing against, a boxer and a baseball player? Do you know what I mean? I’m a song and dance man, you know.”

Well, you never know, maybe they will change their minds and dancing will work out better in their future? I’d really love Davy on the show!!!