Dancing With The Stars Lacey Schwimmer Trying To Make Up Her Mind On Dancing Or Singing!

Robin Leech of The Las Vegas Weekly recently interviewed Lacey Schwimmer in promotion with her new single “Love Soundz” Love Soundz - Love Soundz - Single and performing at the Hard Rock Cafe in Las Vegas this weekend. He asks her on her youth and how she was inspired to dance and sing. She explains and while doing so mentions how torn she is between dancing and singing currently. She also mentions how she needs to make up her mind about what she wants to do. More in a take below.

“When we released it last month, I wanted to keep it very low-key, but everybody discovered it and loves it. People are supporting me nicely and loving what’s really a cool dance song. I didn’t expect such a great reaction. The first time I performed it, the crowd was jumping and cheering. … That was such a cool feeling — unbelievable because although I hoped, I hadn’t ever expected that reaction from my vocals.

“My future now is torn in two — the new season of Dancing With the Stars starts in a month’s time with pre-production, and I’ve got to make up my mind about continuing with it. If I’m going to do that, I’ll juggle a crazy schedule doing both; otherwise, I’ll go out on the road touring. It’s going to be a wild ride. I’m so excited about it!

“Julianne Hough first, then Mark Ballas, and now me. Most of us dancers have performance in our DNA. In the old days, stars did it all — sang, danced and acted — look at Frank Sinatra, Ginger Rogers, Fred Astaire. That went away for a while. Dancing was classified as cheesy. But it kept its old Hollywood vibe, and it became time again for people to show they could be a star and a dancer.

“It’s cool to see dancers being respected as stars. Dance is here to stay — there’s so much great young talent out there. Dancing With the Stars has been a wonderful way for all of us to showcase our talents. It’s been amazing. It became a TV ratings blockbuster. Its success has really surprised us all. Nobody ever expected that kind of success and that dance would become the No. 1 show on television — and, better still, it’s still growing.”

I haven’t always been a big fan to Lacey even though I’ve come to respect her choreography in the last few years. Like Mark, I wish they’d both take a Season off to pursue their music careers. As most of you know, I’m loving Lacey’s new single and I think she needs to go for it if she’s serious about having a music career. Then she can do BOTH…DANCE and SING!

Heidi’s Note: Is it just me, or does it seem like the height of foolishness to take a season off of the Number 2 show on TV for a singing career that is based on one single that hasn’t even hit yet??  Even Mark is sensible enough to see what DWTS does for his music career – and he’s a much better singer AND guitar player who writes his own stuff. Not fan, but I give him props for his handling of his career.  And I won’t even go into how bad a lip syncer Lacey is to a song completely lacking in originality, with icky lyrics. Lord, girl – wise up!! Don’t quit your day job. I give her a pass for it being a first attempt, but she has a lot of work to do before a career in music is to be had.  Is it just me?? What about Derek? Starring in a movie, but smart enough to go back to DWTS for at least one season – particularly since the end result of said movie is rather out of his hands. All the pros have other, side careers – I think Lacey would be foolish to think she has to choose right now…or is this a way to save face in the event she doesn’t get a celebrity this time around?

I get that some pros might be tired and desire some time off…or they decide they want to do something else. But the music business is HARD and from what I can see, Lacey doesn’t have the same fall backs that some of the other pros have. Don’t CHOOSE.