DWTS Season 13 Rumor or Just Innuendo? Chaz Bono and Bobby Flay

Between Miss Heidi and I, we’ve been searching all over for more news on this one. Earlier today, Extra had a new story up on Chaz Bono in talks to do Dancing With The Stars, but, a short time later pulled the story. We’re not sure what’s up, but, we’re thinking they found out the rumor wasn’t true and that Chaz might not be in talks or considering to dance after all? As you know, Chaz is the only child to Cher and Sonny Bono and a recent transgender and a popular transgender advocate.

Another name that came up in some random twitter chat today is Bobby Flay. Bobby is a celebrity chef who has hosted seven Food Network television programs and appeared regularly on an eighth.

Time will soon tell if something is up with either of these two.

So, what do you think? Are you open to Chaz or Bobby dancing?

I have never heard of Bobby until today so, I’m not sure how I feel on it? As for Chaz, I have no issues. I think he’d have a strong message to get out there and a great one at that. If he decides to do it, I say go for it!!

Special thanks to Heidi for her help with this post!!!!!