Ron Artest And Snooki No-Go’s To Dance On Dancing With The Stars?

In July, we reported Dancing With The Stars had asked L.A. Basketball star Ron Artest to dance. According to Laker Nation, producers have been in touch with Artest to reach a possible deal, yet nothing was official. Then Laker Nation asked him about it at the Matt Barnes 3rd annual Athletes vs. Cancer event at Trump National which started Friday. Below is how Artest replied…

“Nah I’m not doing that. People want me to, but I’m not. I like that show though!”

Unless something changes, sounds like a “no -go” now even though he might be and has been seriously considering it?

Also, “the tabloid wars continue” (as Heidi put it in an earlier posting, lol). Even though TMZ reported Snooki as signed to dance on Friday, Rumorfix says it’s not true.

RumorFix spoke with a Snooki insider who tells us this report is “not true.”

Similar reports have come up in the past, and during those times, we were told the same thing so until we get some sort of official announcement from ABC, we’re sticking with our Snooki insider.

That possibly shoots down all three new rumored contenders (Queen Latifah, Snooki, and Tiffany Theissen) that TMZ reported on Friday. Unlike Queen Latifah and Tiffany Theissen though, Snooki herself or any official rep from her camp has actually said “no” to the possibility of her dancing yet since the TMZ reporting on Friday. Yet, this past Wednesday Snooki said this to Billy Rush on Access Hollywood

“I’d didn’t get asked [to be on ‘Dancing’], but if I do, dude, I’m bringing the fist pump to the floor,” Snooki told Billy Bush and Kit Hoover on Access Hollywood Live on Wednesday in New York City.

“Wait a minute. You have changed your tune entirely. The last time you were with me, I said, ‘The Sitch did it, what about you?’ You said, ‘Nah, it’s for people whose careers are over’… your career has never been hotter, why would you do it?” Billy asked.

“I changed my mind, I wanna dance!” Snooki said. “If they ask me I’ll do it!”

I don’t know what to think about the Snooki rumors from one day to the next, but, I would say at this point Rob Kardashian and Christina Milian as our strongest rumors to dance for Dancing With The Stars Season 13. I’m thinking the possibility of Kristin Cavallari might be a pretty strong rumor too. Would you agree?

So, I wonder what will this coming week bring for new rumors coming out? 😯