More On The New Dancing With The Stars Set Changes

As we reported to you earlier in a Louis Van Amstel post, there will be a new set for the new season of Dancing With The Stars. Entertainment Weekly is reporting more details on it from Executive Producer Conrad Green….

What fresh and sparkly change does Executive Producer Conrad Green have in store for us?
Why, it’s a new stage!

Yes, ballroom dancing fans, the next season of DWTS will feature a fancy new amphitheater-style set for its next round of amateurs. There will be another level of seats for all those crazy folks who wait in line outside of CBS Television City in Los Angeles to attend a taping, and a more prominent spot for the orchestra and the enthusiastic chimes lady. The staircases will even move about the slick stage, though we do hope the weekly back and forth doesn’t trigger any more Kirstie Alley-style spills.

Sounds cool. Bring the new set on…that is if it’s not dangerous in some way to the dancers?

Special thanks to Zach for making sure we had this link!!xx