Dancing With The Stars Tony Dovolani Albania Documentary, Ballroom on Broadway, And More!!

Tony Dovolani has had a busy summer like the other dancers. As most of you know, he’s been helping Maks to open their new Dance With Me L.A studio as well as helping with the others. This past week, Tony travelled to Albania and Kosova to help film a new documentary on on his homeland’s culture and to promote tourism with Eliza Dushku who recently became an honorary citizen. According to former Dancing With The Stars contestant and Eliza’s boyfriend Rick Fox they all met up in Prishtine for a Dancing With The Stars meet up and Eliza got a dancing lesson from Tony. Here is a picture from Tony’s facebook of he and some of his friends at a Pub in Prishtine. Tony is all smiles.

Stay tuned. This Sunday Tony and Maks will be hosting a new “Dance With Me Soho” production at the Manhattan Center called “Ballroom on Broadway.” Their students will be performing as well as Val Chmerkovskiy (Maks’ brother) and Daria Chesnokova. For more information, go here.

A special thanks for @Marleneb4 and @Lannatexasgal at twitter for their news tips on Tony in Albania!! And thanks to Heidi too for her help with this post!xx