DWTS 13 Cast Rumors – Twitter Coincidences!! (Or Not)

Ok, so I was digging around a little tonight (yes, I have Dancing With The Stars on the brain! lol 🙂 ) and noticed Chaz Bono has recently added Karina Smirnoff & Mark Ballas to his “followers” at twitter. I also noticed he never replied back to Lisa Stanley of K-Earth radio when she said, “YAY! Can’t wait to c u on DWTS.” Wouldn’t he correct it or deny it if it weren’t true (like he has on a recent wedding rumor to his girlfriend)?

Chaz has also recently added Kirstie Alley and Mackenzie Phillips (sister to Chynna Phillips, another rumored celebrity to dance as well this season) to his twitter followers.

So, could this all mean something or not….or is it just coincidental and Chaz just likes Dancing With The Stars and the celebrites and dancers above?

Note: Karina is not following Chaz….yet. Neither is Mark!!

Here is a twitter screen shot from Heidi:

Heidi’s Note: Assuming that people Chaz recently followed are near the top of his list, he’s recently added both Karina and Mark. I don’t really believe in coincidences at this time of year. 🙂 I think it likely that Kirstie and Mackenzie are somewhat coincidental, especially Mackenzie because they come from the same sort of “age” of Hollywood and Mackenzie certainly had her own issues. It doesn’t surprise me that he would follow her.

Vogue also noted that Rob Kardashian is also following Christina Milian and Mark Ballas, but I think the Mark thing is because of him choreographing a dance for Kim’s wedding (which is today), plus he would probably know Mark anyway from when Kim was on the show. Also, he could very well know Christina, since they probably run in the same circles. Also, I noted that Ashley Hebert is following Chelsie Hightower, but I assume that is because of Vienna. Damian, Peta, and Chelsie have all tweeted about hanging out with Vienna and Kasey a lot lately and Ashley knows/is friends with Vienna from The Bachelor. It’s one, bit incestuous group. 🙂