DWTS Anna Trebunskaya And Jonathan Roberts Teach Detroit Ice Dancers Latin Moves

Recently Anna Trebunskaya and her husband, Jonathan Roberts, travelled to Detroit to work with some of the ice dance teams from the Detroit Skating Club. The ice dancers wanted Anna and Jonathan to teach them some Latin moves to incorporate into their dancing. Below is how Anna described the experience.

“We wanted to get into the essence of the dance, trying to bring out the charisma of the samba,” says Trebunskaya. “I gave them a few pointers and a few technical things.

“It’s quite interesting to work with skaters because you can’t really talk about footwork,” she adds. “They’re on the ice and have to keep gliding and doing their proper placement of the blades and all that stuff. It’s really working from the waist up. Of course, some partner stuff and some chemistry. Maybe creating a story a little bit.”

Below is how some of the ice dancers described Anna…

“Right away, from the first minute, we could tell that she’s the real deal — her intensity and her enthusiasm for ballroom dance and especially the samba came through,” says Weaver. She and Poje are huge Dancing with the Stars fans and were thrilled by the opportunity to work with Trebunskaya.

“We tried to soak it all in as much as we could,” she continues. “Even when she would demonstrate an arm movement or something pretty small, we tried to capture it and use that for ourselves on the ice.”

You can read the article in full at Ice Network. Anna also explains the two essential parts to being a dancer ….being able to perform yourself, but also translating it to other people and teaching them how they can do it. Great read!!