DWTS 13 Cast Rumors – Two Tweets To Make You Wonder

So, today, we’ve got two tweets that make you wonder. First, check out the tweet below from Lizzie Grubman. I know two of her clients are Maks and Chynna Phillips (a rumored celebrity to be on Dancing With The Stars), but, who is the third? Could it be Maks’ brother Val? If any of you know who else the third client might be, be sure to let us know in the comment section.

Also, Maks teases us again with this tweet about something being “so different”.

*SIGH* Are you dying here like I am? 😯 LOL

Heidi’s Note: The Maks fans say that Maks, Teddy and Val are all on their way to NYC, so it’s very possible that those three are all clients of Lizzie’s.  As for what Maks is going to find “sooo different” – it could be that Val will be a pro, but look at his hashtag.  Next chapter?? What, did they promote him to producer? 😀  Or is it a next chapter for VAL?  And, as Evaine commented on Twitter – since when is Maks the blabby one? 🙂