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DWTS Season 13 Rumors and Innuendo – Ryan O’Neal

So, apparently, Entertainment Tonight is saying that Ryan O’Neal has agreed to do the show.  I have yet to see this for myself, as ET doesn’t air here until later, for some crazy reason. Ordinarily I would wait until I could get video from ET and post, but then I saw this tweet from a producer/journalist on Twitter and I gave up and decided to post it with the word “innuendo” tacked on just in case:

[blackbirdpie url=”!/MoviesNews/status/106561133967708160″]

For those of you not in the know, Ryan is an Academy Award nominated actor (Love Story) and is what could be considered old Hollywood royalty. He was involved with Farrah Fawcett for many, many years, is the father of Tatum O’Neal, who was also on DWTS!!

OKAY! Timing is everything.  They just said on ET that Ryan is going to be on the show. They qualified this by saying that DWTS producers won’t confirm, but this is what they hear. They also said he had knee surgery a few months ago.

Ryan today:

Ryan in Love Story

August 24, 2011 I Written By

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Dancing With The Stars Brooke Burke Promotes Skechers In Vegas And Writes On Her Secret Wedding

Yesterday, Brooke Burke helped to promote the Skechers shoe line at a booth at the MAGIC Fashion Trade Show in Las Vegas. You can see some more fun pictures of her like the one above at Vegas News.

Brooke has recently written all about her wedding and honeymoon in the French West Indies at her blog. I thought the title “My Secret Wedding – All The Details From My Heart” was a cool one and very fitting. More below in a take. You can read the rest of her story at the link as well as viewing more pictures and a drawing of her wedding dress.

From the moment that you step foot onto the island of St. Barts, every day is a celebration. But this vacation was the setting for an 18 year long dream to come true.

On the morning of August 8th, we left as a family to return to St. Barts (my favorite destination in the world). Only this time, we were on a secret mission, with beautiful intentions and long-awaited dreams.

My Mark Zunino wedding dress was carefully stuffed and wrapped in a large suitcase, diamond Jimmy Choos lay beside it in a felt bag. Our Peter Marco wedding bands were placed in my carry-on, and four white hydrangeas were discreetly accompanying us to the perfect secret rendezvous.

We told no one – no friends, not even our mothers. This is going to sound so Hollywood, but I did have to call in the industry troops – my stylist, jeweler & publicist to manage the news. Our wedding day was carefully thought-out, planned in spontaneous record time and…

I Written By

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