Henry Winkler To Dance On Dancing With The Stars 13? (Rumor)

Well, not sure what to make of these two tweets for now, but, two radio DJs are reporting Henry Winkler as a possible contender to dance on Dancing With The Stars. We mentioned Henry Winkler in July as possibly dancing. But, in a recent Hollywood Reporter article at the time, he said he’d never do the show and “not with someone else’s legs.” He said he might do it though if Ron Howard was his partner. LOL!! So, has Henry possibly changed his mind? Note however that Radio DJs aren’t exactly in a big LA market, but, this is so random that we felt like we had to mention it. Note too that the DJ from the second tweet works for a station that recently interviewed Mark Ballas.

I really hope Henry does the show…if not now, someday? He’d be a gas!!!

Edit to add one more DJ who mentions Henry Winkler. This is the same DJ who mentioned Chaz Bono dancing as well;