DWTS Season 13 Cast Rumors Dwyane Wade To Dance?

This is kind of random so not sure how much credence this mention should receive (and Hines most likely doesn’t know more than anyone else?), but, in a new radio interview with WCNN in Atlanta, Hines Ward mentions hearing rumors that LA Laker, Ron Artest, and Miami Heat player, Dwyane Wade, are dancing on Dancing With The Stars this season. He doesn’t mention much except this…

“I don’t know, but I did hear rumors and his name did come up. I also heard Ron Artest too.”

If you scroll down to the bottom of the page at this link, you can hear the audio interview in full where Hines mentions Ron Artest and Dwyane Wade. I just checked Dwyane’s twitter. There is a tweet where he mentions taking dance lessons recently. Apparently, they are for a new movie he’s starring in called ‘What to Expect When You’re Expecting’.

As for Ron Artest, he recently said no unless he has changed his mind?

Special thanks to Carlos and Maddy for the heads up! Thanks to @ElmariL for helping with more info on the movie as well!!