The Cast of Dancing with the Stars Season 13!! Live Blog of the Announcement!

Okay, here we go – Bachelor Pad.  Real trash TV – like stopping for a train wreck. 🙂  Do not be surprised if I update this post just with commentary on this show. If I have to suffer, you have to just a little bit. 🙂  I suspect they will make us wait till the end of the show – or perhaps half in the middle and half in the end?? You know how the producers like to change stuff up.   Vogue will be tweeting the announcement on Twitter, if you follow @PureDWTS and/or @TVBlog.  I’ll add in @PureDerekHough so she can tweet from there as well.

Blargh…Jake Pavelka.

Who wants wine?? 🙂

Can you believe there’s a chick wearing a tiara on this show?? And she’s talking about having good lips because she gets injections every six months.   You guys OWE me. 😉

First commercial break and no sign of The Berge.  I’m bored already.  Corkscrew…Heh…first teaser for the announcement and you know they’re waiting until the end.

Seriously, Kasey worried about guys kissing Vienna?? RE-lax, dude, she ain’t that great.

I feel nauseous.

Commercial break number two and a check of twitter reveals the THIRD playboy bunny of the day tweeting Derek about how nice it was to meet him last night.  Get me boobs, STAT!!!

Wow. Sweet car. What is it? Lamborghini??

Commercial Break 3.  Ooohhh….good tease for Castle.  I expect another tease for the reveal in 4…3…2…

Those are the most hugemongous wine glasses I’ve seen. I thought mine was big….

This story about this woman’s mother getting killed when she was a child is horrible!!  Sad. Okay now we’re back to shallow and pathetic.

Oooo…hot air balloon at night.  Pweeettttyyyyy. Wine. :::nom nom:::

Another manufactured awkward silence on The Pad and we’re into Commercial Break 4.  We should be getting something in the next 20 minutes. Please, god…

Stand by, this show is about to get violent.  Things are looking up. If we’re lucky there will be bloodshed.

This Blake dude is a dumb ass (tm Red Foreman).

Thanks to the person on twitter who suggested Tabasco in the eyes…that shit burns you know. 🙁

Okay, pay attention – provided that Brooke isn’t completely full of crap, there should be something in the next 8 minutes.

Wouldn’t it be funny if Blake hopped out of the limo and slammed the door on Holly’s legs??  Just me?

Wouldn’t it be funny if Holly skiied into a tree??  No?

Stand by….it should be now….and no shock Brooke has no clue…

Oh my god….super corny….no wonder he’s on this show….

Okay so they just showed a countdown clock with less than ten minutes on it.

Now we need a break from the drama for some DRAMA!!!  Bring on Brooke and Tommy B!!

And Here we GO!!!  Brooke and Tom!!!  The CAST is….

Ricki Lake – Actress and TV Show Host, Ricki is 42 and best known for her role in Hairspray and her TV talk show.

Ron ArtestPro Basketball Player with the LA Lakers. He is 31 and also has a bit of a reputation. 🙂

Kristin Cavallari – Actress, best known for her “role” in reality shows Laguna Beach and the Hills, but has also appeared in CSI and numerous other show.

Chynna Phillips – singer and actress, best known as part of Wilson Phillips. Daughter of Mama’s and Papa’s band members John and Michelle Phillips. Chynna is 43 years old and married to William Baldwin.

David Arquette – David is an actor with a long Movie and TV resume, including the Scream series.  At age 39 he is married to Courtney Cox.

Carson Kressley – surprise!!!Carson is best known for the TV Show Queer Eye for the Straight Guy and being all around hilarious!! Carson is 41 years old.

Tom gave a hint by showing Mamma Kardashian in the audience.  And the other half will be announced later.

Here we go!! Part II!!

Nancy Grace – Nancy is a legal commentator, talk show host, TV Journalist, and former prosecutor. She has her own TV show on HLN. She’s 51 years old and a married mother of twins.  To say that she is a controversial figure is putting it a bit mildly.

Jr. Martinez – JR is an actor on All My Children, but he’s also a retired soldier and spokesman.  He served in Iraq where, in 2003, he was burned over 40% of his body. He’s 28 years old.

Hope Solo – Goalkeeper for the U.S. Women’s Soccer Team.  Hope is 30 years old and single.

Rob Kardashian – Really only famous for his family, Rob is on Keeping Up With the Kardashians and Khloe and Lamar.  His father was attorney Robert Kardashian, who worked on the O.J. Simpson Trial.

Elisabetta Canalis – An Italian actress and model, Elisabetta is best known in this country for dating George Clooney.  She is 32 years old.

Chaz BonoTransgender activist, Chaz also is a musician.  He is best known, probably, as being the only child of Sonny And Cher.

Tom talking to David about why he’s doing the show. He says dancing makes him happy and it provides grace in his life.

Cameron Matheson – JR, you have been an inspiration to your fans…. JR – I want people to take away that positive thinking with a positive attitude you can get through anything. (I love him).

George Penachio – Nancy, how do you compare live news with the pressure of Live Dancing – lot easier to report on the news than to be the news….

Monica Rizzo from People – Ricki Lake – fan since hairspray. Will that give you and edge. Ricki – I was 200 lbs and faking it and I was younger. No edge.

Brooke – Chaz, what do you think of the competition?? Chaz – it’s daunting. 🙂

Note: all of the above was me typing and paraphrasing very quickly to try and get the gist. I appreciate the reporters not giving all the attention to Chaz. Brooke was the only one to ask him a question.

Okay, that’s it for the cast announcement. Later tonight I will take a stab at guessing the pairs. Stay tuned for all the Season 13 news and the Pairs announcement on Wednesday.