DWTS 13 More Press Conference Interviews After The Cast Announcement (Videos)

After the ABC Dancing With The Stars Cast Announcement last night during The Bachelor, the show held a press conference. On The Red Carpet was there to meet and talk a little with all of the celebrity contestants. George Pennacchio from ABC 7 in L.A. gets deep with them with some awesome questions one being a hint to who their partners are. Here are a few videos below with small commentaries, but, for all of the interviews, be sure to visit this link.

Here’s Nancy talking about how excited she is to just really have “fun” and let her hair down so to speak. She plans to give some of her show earnings to a children’s charity. She wants to “put her money where her mouth is”. She talks of the stiff competition….but, she plans to bring her twins to L.A. and show her long heart. George asks her on her partner. She said he’s handsome, but, when the music starts, it’s like someone sprinkled magic on him and he makes a complete transformation (Hello Tristan! πŸ™‚ ).

Below is Ricki Lake! She’s excited and talks of how she was in the audience last year. The journey with Kirstie last year helped her to decide to do the show. She’s also dancing for a hospice society. On her partner, she said, “He’s the best”. She asked for him and was so glad she got him. (Could this be Derek? I would say so! πŸ™‚ )

Chaz Bono says he’s already learned something on himself just by saying “yes”. He’s looking forward to the physical challenge as well as savoring the whole journey. On his partner, he said she’s perfect for him. She knows how to get inside of him and how to be positive and fun. He plans to focus on the task at hand and not let any negativity or pressure get to him. (Lacey anyone?)

Access Hollywood also has some cool interviews with the contestants that you can watch as well HERE. PopTV.com was there to interview them on the way to their cars, etc. See their coverage at this link.

Adding: Here is a fun gallery of pics as well of some of them (along with Maks and Derek) at a Party.

Wow, this cast spells diversity, thinking out of the box, old hollywood, grace, giving, and beauty(in and out!) to me! I think we are ‘all’ going on a “journey” with this one and not just the celebrities and their partners. Hmm? Please take an hour or so out of your day and watch everything and Heidi’s GMA and Press Conference post too. They are must sees!